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Is chiropractic care expensive?

Chiropractic care has been shown to decrease the overall costs in medical expenses for individuals and families. Although chiropractors normally recommend more frequent visits in the beginning of your course of treatment, families who participate in regular chiropractic care save on health care. Individuals who utilize chiropractic care on a regular basis are less likely to spend money or use their health insurance on hospital and emergency room visits, prescription medication, surgeries, or other crises. At Trochim Chiropractic you will find that we do everything in our power to make sure you receive affordable care. We participate with several insurance companies and will even check your benefits for you in our office. We offer many payment options and work with you in order to make sure you can get the care you need for an amount you can afford.

How long will it take?

The best way to think of chiropractic is a lifestyle change in which you are being proactive with your health and taking it into your own hands. Chiropractic care can be very quick or even instant depending on the certain condition. However, long term chiropractic care is how you can prevent problems from arising in the first place. Symptoms are usually the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away once we’ve stated care. This means that problems are often present in the absence of symptoms. The only way to know how long your particular condition may need attention is to come in and talk with the doctor.

Using chiropractic for pain relief only is like robbing a bank and only stealing the pens!

Can I adjust myself?

Since a chiropractic adjustment is a specific force, applied in a specific direction, to a specific spinal joint, it is virtually impossible to adjust oneself. It is possible to turn or bend or twist in certain ways to create “popping” sounds, like the sound that sometimes accompanies a chiropractic adjustment. Unfortunately, this type of joint manipulation is usually counterproductive, often making an already unstable area of the spine even more unsteady. Adjusting the spine is for professionals! The best way to enjoy the healthful benefits of chiropractic is to receive adjustments from a Doctor of Chiropractic. Even your doctor must seek out the services of another colleague to help restore and maintain proper spinal function.

Can it help me?

People with musculoskeletal conditions are perfect candidates for chiropractic care but that’s not all chiropractors treat. Chiropractic care is very conservative and yields very low risk as opposed to more invasive procedures such as prescription medications and surgery. It is only sensible to start with the most conservative care and move towards more invasive procedures once the conservative method is proven ineffective. Also, chiropractors are trained to identify conditions that may warrant other, more invasive methods of treatment and will be able to make a referral if it is necessary ensuring you get the care you need when and where you need it. At our clinic we treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions as well as visceral disorders. Some of these conditions include:

Low back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, restless leg syndrome, foot and ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, mid back pain, rib pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain (tennis elbow), hand and wrist pain (carpal tunnel syndrome), neck pain, headaches, vertigo, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, sinus problems, allergies, ear infections (otitis media), nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting), care of infants and pregnant women, colicky infants just to name a few. Other visceral disorders such as digestive health and heart and lungs have seen amazing results with chiropractic care due to an optimally functioning nervous system. Trochim Family Chiropractic is also the perfect place for instances such as car accidents, work place injuries, and athletes.

Is chiropractic care safe?

Chiropractors pay the lowest malpractice insurance rates of any health care professional. Malpractice insurance is directly related to the amount of risk related to the procedures a health professional is performing. Chiropractors pay the least for their malpractice insurance because what they do is conservative and extremely safe. Chiropractic care is a very conservative practice as opposed to prescription medication and surgery, which can have all kinds of catastrophic side effects. It was even determined that in 2014, medical error in hospitals was the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States! Take a minute and think about that staggering statistic and ask yourself if you would rather have invasive care or minimize the chance of those crises by utilizing a safe and conservative method of health care. Chiropractors are extensively trained in chiropractic adjusting techniques and the integral anatomy and biomechanics of the spine and musculoskeletal system. They use this knowledge and training to provide gentle, comfortable, and safe procedures in their office. Many infants and children even enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care. Low risk, high investment!

What type of education do chiropractors get?

Click here to view required education for Doctors of Chiropractic.

Is it true that if you start going to the chiropractor you have to keep going?

The truth is that most of us have long standing, chronic problems that may just now be bad enough to cause symptoms to arise. Chiropractors will tell you that pain relief is the easy part but it may take some time to correct long standing conditions. The reason people think you have to keep going to the chiropractor once you’ve started is the chiropractor will explain that you can benefit from chiropractic as long as you choose to. If you stop going as soon as the pain goes away you will probably be back in for that same pain later on. We want to correct the cause of the pain and keep it away with a lifestyle change of regular adjustments. This has to be a routine in your life just like exercise and brushing your teeth. But no, you don’t have to keep going once you’ve started, but you will receive the benefits of chiropractic care as long as you choose to.

The stages of care most chiropractors describe are initial intensive care, rehabilitative care, and finally wellness care. The first phase is mostly to get rid of the pain and the visits are the most frequent at this time. The second phase of care is to re-train the spine. Muscle and other soft tissue damage often remain after your original symptoms have improved. Rehabilitative care stabilizes your spine and promotes more complete healing. Visit frequency is reduced and you may be encouraged to supplement your care with exercises or other self-care procedures. With your ache or pain gone the true healing can occur. Stopping care at this point may risk relapse. The final stage of care is to stay healthy and keep the spine moving the way we need it to. When maximum improvement is reached, periodic chiropractic checkups are recommended. These wellness visits can detect, and help correct, new problems before they become serious. Health-conscious adults choose this type of care for themselves and their children. Like other preventative health measures, wellness care can save time and money by helping you stay well.

How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.