Allopathic vs. Holistic Care

Allopathic care is the treatment involved with the suppression of symptoms which are manifestations of certain pathologies. Holistic care is the treatment of the whole process of the disease which could be factors other than symptoms. The mainstream medical profession where drugs, shots and surgery are administered to combat symptoms caused by pathology is known as allopathic care. This not necessarily the treatment of the disease but simply the treatment of the result of the disease. A comparison could be made to allopathic care by simply putting a piece of duct tape over the check engine light in your care. The check engine light is the symptom of some dysfunction under the hood and simply putting a piece of tape over the check engine light will not make the dysfunction go away, but it will take care of the annoying check engine light; symptoms. Chiropractic is better described as a holistic type of health care in which the whole body is taken into account when there is a specific symptom or dysfunction taking place. Chiropractors will take the symptoms into account and identify the cause of the dysfunction rather than concentrating on the symptoms solely. When the cause of a disease process or dysfunction is corrected, the symptoms manifesting from that disease are eliminated. When systems, organs and tissues are not functioning at 100%, disease and dysfunction take place and often times they are associated with symptoms. Chiropractors make sure that the control system (nervous system) for that specific system, organ or tissue is working as close to 100% as possible by removing nerve interference. This approach would be equivalent to looking under the hood and checking the engine for dysfunction to fix the problem rather than just putting a piece of duct tape over the check engine light. Most times when the engine is fixed and dysfunction and interference are removed, the check engine light goes out.